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Top tips for getting a job in accountancy

If you are looking to progress your career in accountancy it might be an ideal time to brush up on your interviewer techniques. Here are our top tips to a delivering a successful interview.

1.    Practice makes perfect

Rehearsing is the best way to appear confident. One of the easiest ways is talking in front of a mirror or why not ask a friend to act as the interviewer. By repeating questions and practicing your manner of speaking, you will be comfortable enough during the job interview. Put yourself in the interviewers’ position and think of accountancy type questions that you would ask a candidate.

2.    Why should we hire you?

This is most common question in all history of job interviews to find out why you think you can be the best candidate for the job. The most excellent way to promote yourself is to give out actual samples why your accounting achievements and skills make you suitable for the job. Always be positive in telling your interests for the company and the job position you are applying for.

3.    Be prepared for the type of interview

The ‘screening interview’ is usually the first interview you have to pass. Usually, you have to face someone from the human resource department with your resume in hand, verifying its details and your qualifications. To know if your personality will fit the company’s standards, you have to go through the ‘selection interview’. There will be some companies who will require you to undergo ‘group interviews’ where you will be with a team of applicants. In a ‘panel interview’ you will be interviewed by panellists. But whatever type of interview go prepared and knowing your CV and strengths inside out.

4.    Emphasise your accounting history

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Whatever position you are seeking in the Accounting industry, it’s always a must to emphasise your strong accounting history giving clear examples and scenarios. This is the easiest way to speak confidently about your skills and benefits to your potential employer. Remember to you are competing against others looking to progress their accounting careers, so make sure you have lots of examples to draw on which set up apart from the rest! is a leading online jobsite for accountancy jobs, finance jobs, banking jobs and insurance jobs in the UK and internationally. Whether you are looking to get into these professions or want to progress your career we have a wide range of new vacancies posted daily.

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