What is the role of a Lawyer and Solicitor?

A Lawyer is the general term for any law professional, a solicitor is a subcategory of lawyer. In the UK, solicitors, who specialise in different areas of law, meet with and advise clients and are also responsible for representing their clients in the lower courts such as Magistrates Court.

Barristers are also employed as another legal professional. They act as advocates for clients at higher levels of court, such as the Crown Court.

If you are looking for assistance in any kind of property transaction there are two types of lawyer who can help you: a solicitor who specialises in property law, which may be commercial or residential; or a licenced conveyancer, which is a lawyer trained in property law.

Much of the actual administrative work involved in the transfer of property deeds may be undertaken by someone without a license, referred to as a conveyancer, under the supervision of a solicitor or licensed conveyancer