Should Your Child Have A Debit Card?

Eventually your children will grow up and get their own bank accounts and debit or credit cards. But should it be a decision the parent makes for their child? Its common that banks will enter schools and try to get kids to sign up to their bank accounts early on in their lives and even offer them debit cards.

But it could be great for the parent or parents to introduce their child to a very adult world of personal banking. For the child to go through this with their parents could be a much more comfortable way for them to experience an inevitable part of life that they will have to go through.

You could chose a bank account that you personally deem right for your child, instead of waiting for them to be swayed by marketing aimed to capture them early on. After all you have a much more personal relationship with your children, much more so than a large banking corporation, and could give them something they will use for the rest of their lives.