Introducing Change to Members of Staff

It can be difficult to change. In business it can be especially true in regards to members of staff. when someone has been working a job for several years, to change that ingrained process can take a lot of energy. However change is a necessary part of business, and it’s especially true for competitive businesses that must adapt to competition and consumer trends.

It’s important to encourage staff members to change, not to force it upon them. If someone is forced to do something, even if it is for the sake of their livelihood it will be met with resentment and friction. This can be especially true for workers who are already proficient in what they do, it may even seem like a strange and scary prospect for them to do something new when they are already working so well.

But with an understanding that it is for the growth and development of the business they are involved in, change can be slowly and smoothly brought into the workflow of the staff member and the business.