Achieving True Independence

Independence is a tricky subject to discuss, with different people holding different ideas of what independence means to them. To most people, when discussing independence, they mean when you become an adult and no longer need your family’s support to get by. This type of financial independence is great, and a wonderful testament to your financial reliability, but it still leaves a lot of room for stress to be caused by other people. True independence means being able to independently provide for yourself, within reason. This can mean being able to heat your home and getting your own electricity, all without relying upon massive industries, which reduce you something totally inhuman, to provide the things you need to survive. This has many practical benefits, reducing your standard outgoing costs to something far more manageable, as well as potentially providing a new source of income. If you have the various tools needed to provide yourself with true independence, you will always be insulated from problems within the industry and from changes in the prices.