Why Intellectual Properties Are Important For Companies

Upper management and policy makers should care deeply about the IPs that they hold. Being the only company that produces something from a certain IP is not only a financially viable way of doing business, but its also the law if you as a company owns the IP.

The advantages to maintaining exclusivity and quality of an IP extend far beyond immediate financial success. Rights to the exclusive use of an IP can increases a company’s asset value, and understanding the value of the IP can have a knock on effect in making informed decisions in the future. Allowing upper management to negotiate more effectively with other companies, and facilitate access to credit.

Financing IP assets should be given a great deal of consideration. IP rights are not only valuable assets but can also be important sources of financing on their own. The desire to enhance innovation is a important concern for creative companies, and access to financing is crucial for start-up companies whom often hinge on establishing a new IP.