A List Of Financial Calculators

Available for use and for free online are a host of financial calculators. These calculators can save a lot of time and hassle as they make planning for future investments, funding or refinancing straight forward.

The list is as follows:

Currency Converter – Used to convert figures between currency denominations.

Compound Interest Calculator – Used work out the compound interest on your savings.

Car Loan Calculator – This can be used to calculate the monthly repayment figures.

Loan Calculator – Calculate monthly repayment figures for a secured loan.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator – Used to calculate the costs of moving your mortgage to a new company or out a new loan.

Credit Card Calculators – Work out effective strategies for paying of credit card debt.

Retirement Planning Calculator – Used to make a savings plan for the years upcoming to your retirement.

Savings Calculator – Savings calculators used to work out the interest paid on a savings account and planning functionality in order to save up for a future amount.