A Career in Accounting

Accountancy careers are typically well above average in pay-grade, but the training involved in getting fully qualified is extensive. Depending upon the course you’re taking and qualification you’re seeking, it can take somebody anywhere from a couple of years all the way up to six to get qualified and complete an apprenticeship. Alternatively, you can take a course at university, but you’ll need to do additional training afterwards in order to become a qualified accountant.

The type of work you may find yourself doing, at least early on in your training, are things like VAT returns, balancing accounts and processing invoices and payments. All of this can be very boring, disenfranchising many people before they’ve even begun.

Once you’ve finished your training, you will be fully qualified to take on the role of account management at a business or apply for a role at an accountancy firm. This could earn you around £40k as an opening salary.